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Sunday, April 4, 2010

4th April 1985 (Thursday)

Holidays are finally here!  But it's not for long and I've got a lot to do so they'll unfortunately fly past.  I only got 8.20 for my Ancient History assignment.  My TE score will be so bad I'll have to repeat.

I'm talking to Karina again.  I went up to her and sat with her in Maths.  I apoligized.  She was a bit surprised but she forgave me.  We are best friends it's dumb to fight.  And it was me who wasn't talking.

Karina likes Nick now not David.  I've gone off David too but I only like Nick as a friend.  We get on really well. I can tell him my problems and he's really easy to talk to.  I didn't see David at all today.  Well, only for a few seconds.  He said hi to us.  He had trials for some sport away from school.  But at the moment I couldn't be bothered with guys.

We had a fire drill at school today.  They're dumb.  If there was a real fire everyone would think it's only a drill so they'd go slow and probably get burnt in the process.  At least we got out of Biology.

I didn't go to my piano lesson this afternoon because I haven't practised all week and it would have been a waste of time.  So, I have to go in the holidays, next week.

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  1. yay! up to date.

    it is so hard to keep up with all the davids and pauls! lol.

    not to mention which one tara is interested in hehe.