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Saturday, April 3, 2010

3rd April 1985 (Wednesday)

I'm still not talking to Karina.  I don't know what to do.  I think I should really apologize because it's me that's not talking to her.  I'm hanging around with Roselise at the moment.  I like it though, when I can talk to anyone and sit with anyone in class because I feel I'm not tied to one person.  And I can talk to all my friends and make more friends.  But if I really have to talk to someone, there's Jo.  She's still my closest friend.  I'm also fairly good friends with Kate, too.  She's really nice!

I didn't talk to David at all today.  Maybe I should say, he didn't talk to me! But I don't care.  Now I'm finding more friends I don't care about guys.  Last night instead of dancing with Karina I was with Cindy and Carolyn and had a great time.  If I had have been with Karina I probably would have got depressed about guys.  And now instead of sitting with Karina in Maths, English, Biology and Acounting I sit with Helen in Maths, Roslyn in English & Biology and Donna or Trish or Kelly in Accounting.

I only failed my Ancient History assignment by 1/2 a mark!  I was very surprised.  I thought I'd do much worse.

We had musical practice from the end of lunch until 5:00 this afternoon.  We read the script straight through.  The play is really funny.  It should be great.  And instead of having 6 lines I found out I have 9.  I can't act though.  I want to be an actress but I'd never make it.  So I guess I just have to be satisfied with a brilliant singing career.

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