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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1st April 1985 (Monday)

I only got caught once about being an April Fool today.  But it was by the best person.  Of course I'm talking about David.  He told me my senior badge was upside down.

We had our cross country this afternoon.  The whole school had to do it.  We got out of double Maths which is good and bad.  Good because I hadn't done my homework and bad because it's the only subject I have with David.

Joanne and Kate (Jo's friend) ran up to me right at the beginning of the course today and almost immediately after they did Karina and Karen Barry ran ahead and left me behind.  I thought that was extremely nice of her!  She's really getting on my nerves but I can't do anything about it because she's the only person I hang around with.  Maybe I should hang around with Nick (and David!!) but I've got a feeling he's getting sick of me talking to him all the time. But anyway, I had to run (or should I say walk) the whole course with Jo & Kate.  Not that I minded, they're really great.  But I felt really left out because Peter caught up with us and was walking with Jo and David Jackson was walking with Kate.  (I obviously was imagining that he liked me!).  When we got back to school I snobbed Karina as much as possible but that wasn't hard because David was with us.  He was talking to me more than usual and Nick wasn't even with him.  They ran past us on the cross country but didn't sop for long because they wanted to run all the way.  Bu David doesn't care less about me.  Why do I do this?  I wish I could control my emotions.  I'd make sure I never fell in love again!

Ann wrote to me today.  She's keeping herself busy with work and school and she also has friend problems.  I wish I could go over and see her.  It's always great to hear from her.

I got 39/50 for Accounting and only 17/30 for the process part of the Biol. exam.  That's a total of 37/60 for the whole exam.

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