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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

31st March 1985 (Sunday)

I didn't do much today except my Ancient History assignment.  I really hate Ancient History. It's so hard! It's supposed to be a 1500 word assignment but mine is only about 550 words.  I'll probably fail but it's better than geting zero.  I wasn't going to do it at all but I decided I should.

Aunty Cor brought Nan home today.  Nan's been down at Aunty Coralie's for two weeks.  Trent came up but Owen didn't.  Caitlyn and Melissa also come.  Today I cut Caitlin's, Aunty Cor's and Melissa's (Benning) hair.

We went to Mass at Ridgehaven again tonight.

Uncle Coin is councillor again.  He got 490 votes and the other candidate only got 263.  Brisbane has a new Lord Mayor, Sally-Anne Atkinson.  Mum and Dad are pleased becuase she's Liberal and this family is very much anti Labor party.

I can't wait to see David tomorrow (Charles not Jackson).  But I'm afraid that nothing will ever happen between us.  I'm the one pushing again and nothing ever happens when it's me who likes the guy first.

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