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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

14th March 1985 (Thursday)

We had our final cheer squad practise before the big day tomorrow!  We aren't really very good but good enough.  I'm in the front row.  I got out of double Ancient History to make pom-poms.

David said hello to me today and I didn't even say anything to him first!  Karina got jealous.  Roselise and I went up to talk to him at morning tea (Karina was doing a Biology Prac) but he didn't say much.

Karina is such a selfish person and she's never willing to help anyone.  She's very smart and she always knows all the answers for Biology but when I ask her for help she practically throws her answers at me or ignores my question.  She does that in every subject.  She's all improtant and she doesn't give a damn if her best friend fails.  When I beat her in English I was amazed and I said about twice "I got 10/15".  She said, "Oh, good on you, Tara," very sarcastically.  Nice attitude for a friend to take!

I really hope I get a lead role in the musical then maybe Mum would take a slight bit of interest in what I do.  I come home and tell her I got a good mark for English and I beat Karina and she said, "Did you?"  Very uninterestedly.  I told her I got into the cheersquad and the same thing happened.  I showed her my cheersquad uniform and she didn't even say it looked nice.  Then to make things worse, I told her I auditioned for the musical and she didn't even ask me how I went.  Melissa came home with an 'excellent' written on her work and Mum showed all the symptoms of a 'proud parent'.  She can't even raise her eyes from what she's doing for me.

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