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Monday, March 29, 2010

25th March 1985 (Monday)

Boy am I stupid.  I always leave study until the night before.  But I guess I'll never change.  We had our Maths exam today & I really stuffed it.  I'll do the same with Accounting tomorrow.

David was talking to us a bit today.  But I've gone & got myself hooked on a guy who doesn't care AGAIN!

I taught John this afternoon.  He's doing very well.

Joanne HAD to audition for the musical today.  Our music teacher made her.  I was so wrong about her.  She really is great.  She's a terrific friend.  I said stupid things about her.  I should never have said them.  Her & Kelly & Karina (sometimess) are my best buds (as Kelly would say).

I guess I should keep studying Accounting.

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