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Monday, March 1, 2010

1st March 1985 (Friday)

I am so glad today's over!!  We had an assignment, a test and an oral all on the one day.  I still haven't finished the assignment but I've only got a bit to do and I got the others over and done with!

Today we voted for school captains.  I'm absolutely positive I won't get it but there is a very slight chance.  I know of twelve definite votes and about 5 unsure ones, so that's about 17 out of 300.  But you never know.  I don't know about the teacher votes.  I'm not going to build up my hopes though.  Auditions for the school musical start next week.  I hope I get in.  The communications committee wrote our first article for the local paper.  It will be in next Wednesday's edition.

Mum rang Mrs Street tonight and I was going to talk to Paul.  But they had to stay at school for sport tomorrow.  But they'll be at the dance tomorrow night at Tooradin.

Karina lost her voice from cheering at the swimming carnival.  It was bad yesterday but even worse today.  She couldn't do the English oral for obvious reasons.

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