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Friday, March 26, 2010

19th March 1985 ( Tuesday)

Karina was away today but that didn't bother me at all.  In fact it was really good without her.  I'm getting sick of her company.  I always get sick of my best friends.  It's stupid and I feel bad about it but I can't help it.

I watched Roselise audition for the musical today.  She's got a horrible voice!  Only two boys have auditioned for it so far.  The teachers said they'll have to force the boys into it.

Kelly told me who she likes and I have to keep it a secret.  I can never keep secrets but this one I will.  I want to because Kelly is my best friend at the moment.  She made me feel like someone when she told me and better still, she trusts me.

I only saw David once today.  He said hello and stood in front of me so I couldn't pass him and he kept stepping from side to side in co-ordination with me.  I loved it.  He's really very tall.  He's almost as tall as Nick but he doesn't look it.  Probably because he's muscly and Nick is a scrawny runt.  Wendy Harvey asked me if I like Nick today.  I asked why she wanted to know.  She said, "Just curious" but it was almost as if Nick or maybe Janine got her to ask me.  I said I didn't and she asked me if I hated him.  I said a very definite "No".  I only like him as a friend.  I've never really like him any more than that.

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