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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

12th March 1985 (Tuesday)

I auditioned for the musical today.  There were seven of us.  I had a study 7th so we did it then.  Others auditioned at lunch time.  But I went to the cheersquad practice.  I enjoy being in the cheersquad.  It's great.  The auditions went well, I think.  I was probably in the best 3 from the 7 of us.  I hope I'll get in.  We could choose the following :

Lead Singing Role
Support Singing Role
Support Speaking Role
Behind the Scenes

I ticked lead singing role and chorus.  The results will probably be out in a week.  I didn't get school captain so I must get this or I'll be very upset.

David was at school today but he didn't talk to us and we didn't get the chance to talk to him.  Tomorrow I'll try to con him into going into the musical.  They're having difficulties finding guys interested in going in it.

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