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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

9th March 1985 (Saturday)

Today at work I found out who the school captains are, Wayne Long and Kathy Bett.   Wayne works at the same supermarket as me and he's really cute and very nice!  He got a packet of Minties especially for me this morning.  I think it's great Wayne got the job as school captain but I don't agree with the choice of Kathy.  No one really likes her but she's teacher's pet so that must be how she got elected.

I saw Suzanne Flynn this morning and she said they're busy at the moment but they'll contact me soon.  Hughy (the third boy) also wants to learn piano now.  He's only 5 but said maybe 10 mins would be enough.  So I'll have 4 students.  That means I'll get $13.92 from my supermarket job, $12 from the three older piano students and $2 for Hughy.  So that's a total of $27.92 per week.  If the Flynns come every week!

We went to Mass at Ridgehaven tonight.  Afterwards we went up to visit Mum & Dad's friend's family, they live in Ridgehaven.  They have four children, James, Matthew, Gregory and Annabel.  They're all lovely children.  I really enjoyed it there.  James and Matthew showed me their skills on the organ and I played a bit.  The boys are really very good on the organ.

Kelly has found herself a deb partner, Mario Myall.  He's OK.  I don't know him very well.  He's about 19 I think.  Trish Stratton is the lucky girl who has the school captain!  She asked him a few days ago so she didn't know he'd get it.  I still can't stop thinking about David.  He's so wonderful!

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