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Friday, March 26, 2010

18th March 1985 (Monday)

Boy am I sick of school!  The social aspect is great: cheersquad, musical, camps, I love all that.  It would be fantastic if I could go to school for all that and do absolutely no work.

Geoff came home from the camp today.  He's very tired and has been sleeping since 5:00.  Joanne of course had a great time.  But being as popular and pretty as she is, I can imagine the kind of good time she'd have!  She wouldn't be depressed for one minute.  Not like dull, ugly, dumb, boring, stupid I did.  I'm nobody!  I really want the part in the musical.  It will make me special, someone, important.  But why am I kidding myself?  As if I, Tara Benning, would get a main role in the school musical.  Sometimes I live the biggest dreams imaginable.

David was at school today.  I found today I was avoiding guys.  I hate them all.  None of them are any good.  I offered David $10 if he auditioned for the musical but he took it as a joke.

I taught John this afternoon.  He's going well.

Kelly rang me tonight about her sewing.  I wasn't much help.

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