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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2nd March 1985 (Saturday)

Well, this morning started fine!  Kelly had to go home sick from work.  She went out last night and had a little too much to drink.  Three other girls took turns in helping me in the deli.  I was in a real mess, I was so disorganized!

I came home and went to sleep ready for my "BIG NIGHT OUT" ?!  Half way through my peaceful sleep, Karina rang and being only half awake I ran into the wall on the way to the phone!!  She told me she couldn't come to the dance.  I had weird dreams today.  I don't usually dream when I sleep during the day.  But today I dreamt about Nick and Brett Johns (he's a real honey).  They both came here and ignored me.  It was more of a nightmare!

The dance wasn't bad, but it could have been better.  None of my friends (Karina or Joanne) went so I had to make conversation with the boys which is terribly boring when you've got no friends with you.  Streets went.  The idea of me and Paul getting together is ridiculous.  He's very nice but friendship is as far as it could possibly go.  I really do like Eric.  But I can't tell anyone because if he found out...it would ruin everything.  He's so easy to get along with.  He's exactly the kids of guy I like.  But I've got a fat chance with him.  He goes for sexy blondes.  At the moment he is the only guy I like.  I got a big shock tonight.  Shane Ludbrock usually goes to the dances but tonight Nick and Darren Brown came with him. Darren & I went to primary school together.  I had a crush on him for years.   Nick said hello but otherwise ignored me.  I think he's trying to hook onto Kerri Cartwright.  She's Matt's ex.  I had three dances with Paul, one (only one *sob*) with Eric and one with Shane.  I talked to Brett Johns, too.  He is so cute!  We talked about school captains.

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