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Monday, March 29, 2010

28th March 1985 (Thursday)

I've nearly finished my English assignment due in tomorrow.  It will be done.  I got 26/30 for the content part of the Biology exam.  I had my piano lesson this afternoon and Mum went visiting so I had to wait for her for about 20mins.

Well, I've really blown it with David.  This morning Nick and David were talking about some girl and David, and we were right there so we thought it was a setup.  We got very angry.  We asked Bevan if David knew I liked him and Bevan said he did.  He said Roselise told him.  Anyway David is not really talking to me.  What a bummer!

I got a very minor part in the musical.  Miss Smith, a detective.  I've only got 7 lines plus I'm in the chorus.

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