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Monday, March 1, 2010

27th February 1985 (Wednesday)

Today nothing special happened apart from our school swimming carnival.  Our house came 3rd (there are only 4 houses).  I got really burnt and a slight case of sun stroke.

My assignments are really getting me down.  Especially Ancient History.  I'm going to see if I can drop it and do Geography instead.

Yesterday Bryant's recently-dropped girlfriend was talking to Melissa.  They're friends.  Melissa asked if she still liked Bryant and she said she did but she's not going to worry about him because next time he comes down he'll probably be after me!!! That's terrific.

Bevan Bates has been hanging around us a lot.  He may just like us as friends but I think (I'm not sure) that he likes one of us more than friends.  I hope it's Karina because he's the kid of guy I could never ever like more than a friend and I think Karina likes him anyway.

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