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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3rd March (Sunday)

Aunty Coralie, Owen & Trent visited Nan today.  They're my favourite cousins apart from Laura, but I never get to see her.  Anyway, today we were mucking around throwing stones and I threw one which hit Trent in the head.  It started bleeding but it wasn't bad.  Later on Aunty Cor saw it and asked him what happened.  He looked at me and said nothing.  He's only five and I thought that was so sweet of him.  Most kids would tell their mum straight away and try to make it sound like a real tragedy, but not my Trenty!  I told Aunty Cor what I did.  But I'll never forget that Trent tried to keep me out of trouble.

I forgot to mention, on Friday as I was walking away from my oral Adrian said to me, "Well done, Tara".  I know it wasn't very good but I was so flattered he said it to me.  And last night at the dance, Darren said, "That was a good oral you did".  It wasn't really which means they both just said it because they wanted to say something to me!  Either that or they were being sarcastic but I don't think they were.

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