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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

16th March 1985 (Saturday)

Work this morning was the same as usual but this time I had some very nice scenery!  Wayne Long is absolutely beautiful.  Kelly and I were drooling over him all morning.  But what's the use dwelling over something you can't have?  I think I should give up on guys for the rest of my life!

Tonight I'm in one of my I-wish-somebody-loved-me moods.  I get so depressed when I'm like this.  All I think about is having someone to hold me and really care about me.

Mum and Dad went to a wedding near Galton today so Dane Jenson had to pick me up from work.  Dane works for Dad and Uncle Frank on the farm.  Danny (Mum's bro.) came out today and had lunch.  Mum and Dad didn't get home until 8pm so we had Kentucky Fried Chicken.  YUMMY!!

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