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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

11th March 1985 (Monday)

I was so disappointed today.  David didn't go to school!  He better go tomorrow or I'll cry.

The principal said over parade today that Kathy and Wayne are school captains.  I really did want it but anyway, it's no use dwelling on it.

We had another cheer squad meeting today.  It's not as good as I thought.  I was hoping it would be like the American cheerleaders.  But it's not really organized enough and the routines are really hopeless.

Today we were told the musical auitions are on tomorrow and Thursday.  I've got auditions and a cheer squad meeting at the same time tomorrow so I don't know what to do.  I really hope to get a main role but then I really hoped to be school captain, too.

I got two lots of results back today.  I got 10/15 for my English oral!!  I was amazed.  I beat Karina, she only got 8.  But I only got 6/10 for my Biology microscopic sketch.  I hope I keep getting average marks.  It's better than failing.

We had Religious Instruction today.  I don't mind going to R.I.  It's pretty good.

I got a letter from Eric today.  He had nothing to say because he had 'a 10 page letter to write to Joanne'.  He may as well not even write to me.

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