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Monday, March 15, 2010

8th March 1985 (Friday)

Today was one of those days which starts bad, but ends especially good!

To start with Paul sent Yoko a heap of photocopied letters and Yoko had to attach the personal page to the front and give them out.  Everyone got one but me.  That was really terrific!  I was supposed to be one of his best friends and even his not so close friends received a letter.  It's Paul's birthday today and Yoko's last day of school.  We had a party for her.  We had a cheer squad meeting, too, at lunch so we went to the party after that.  It's great being in the cheer squad!  Karina still can't get in though because she didn't attend the meeting yesterday.  But there's only about 7 grade 12's and 33 grade 11's and I think grade 12's should get in over grade 11's.  I'm glad we did go to Yoko's party afterwards because we saw David.  He's so wonderful.  Everyone was using his pen to write in Yoko's address book and he wanted to leave so he asked me to hold onto it for him.  After that we just had to go and find him (I didn't mind at all!!)  We're getting on so well with him.  When we found him he was talking to us a lot.  He's so funny.  A guy with a good sense of humour really turns me on.  I love it.  And David put his arms around me and Karina at the same time.  I can't remember why but who cares.  There's a big battle on between us now.  We've absolutely one crazy about him!!!!  He's just so great.  Words can't describe him.  Nick and Shane were up with David also and they were talking to us, too.  Nick and Shane are in our English class and we were divided into groups today (we had double English last).  Nick and Shane got put into my group.  They sat either side of me.  Kerri Cartwright has been hanging around Nick since the dance and Nick has been trying to get rid of her.  Anyway Nick told me this afternoon that he told her today.  He said he did it just for me (how sweet).  Shane and Nick kept mucking around all afternoon.  Suggesting things and putting their arms around me and their hands on my knee etc.  I don't mind.  It makes me feel wanted.  Nick was different towards me today. More like he was on the camp.  But now I'm a one man woman (as the saying goes). David is the only one for me (at the moment).  It's pretty amazing when you think about it, three guys put their arm around me today.  David, Nick and Shane.  I could talk all night about David but I better not.  I can't wait to see him on Monday.  I'm hoping being in the cheer squad will help me out with the social and romantic aspects of my life.  Well it could only make them better.  It couldn't make them worse because at the moment they're non existent!!

Yoko gave me a present today for her going away, and a card.  What she said on the card was really lovely.  I'll have to talk to her and tell her I wasn't using her and that I know about her and Paul.

I almost forgot! Karina got a letter from Paul S. yesterday and he really liked the letter.  But selfish Karina didn't say anything about me helping and I wrote half the bloody letter!  I couldn't believe it.  She wanted all the credit for herself.

I got the photo's back from the camp today.  Some of them are a bit disappointing and one in the hut didn't come out at all.  But generally they're pretty good.

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