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Saturday, March 6, 2010

5th March 1985 (Tuesday)

Today we were informed there is going to be a real cheer-squad with trials, practices, pom-poms, uniforms, routines and war-cries for the zone swimming carnival on the 15th.  There is a meeting tomorrow and I'll try out for sure!

Nick was writing obscene letters to us this arvo.  But we started it of course.  Towards the end they were getting very nasty!  He told me to wait until I got out of the classroom, he would kill me.  He said I'm being very nasty to him lately.  I have really because of what he did (but I think that was a lie, that's what I heard).

I like someone new now.  David Charles.  Karina does too, of course.  She, Jo and Roselise are the only ones that know.  I'll have to put Roselise off the track though because I don't want her to know.  She's bound to tell someone!

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  1. Hey there - I've just discovered your blog and love it! It makes me wish I'd kept a diary in my younger days. Can't wait to read more :o)