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Monday, March 1, 2010

28th February 1985 (Thursday)

It's Natasha's birthday today.  She's 9.  We rang her and had a bit of a chat.

Aunty Kaye's friend Lenore Walker had a baby girl today.  It's her 3rd child.  They have Lorena, Liam and no name for this baby yet.

I've got an assignment, a test and an oral tomorrow and I didn't do anything about them until tonight.  They still aren't finished but I'll get there.  I got 7/10 for my Home Ec. sewing.

Today Nick was talking to Kelly and me and he was saying things like, "I heard about you lying on the bed with some bloke," to me.  But then he started whispering things like, "I want to go with Tara" and "Tara's so spunky", to Kelly.  I really hate when people (especially guys) make fun of me.  And Nick was certainly doing it well.  Then he showed Kelly how to do a basic computer program and he wrote "Tara's a dag".  I felt really awful and Kelly didn't even stick up for me like she normally does.  And it was when I really needed it, too!

Today it stormed and everyone got absolutely soaked walking down to the bus.  It was pouring .  It looked like we'd just jumped out of a pool.  Even my books in my bag got wet.

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