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Monday, March 15, 2010

7th March 1985 (Thursday)

It's only 4:45pm but I thought I'd write today's events so I don't have to after I get home tonight.

Today Melissa is 13 and Kelly is 17.  I'm going to miss Melissa's birthday party.  And I'm also going to miss 'Zapped' staring Scott Baio.  What a honey!!  I'm so disappointed.  Kelly got her learner's this morning.  She's so lucky.  I have to wait 8 month for mine.

I got into the cheer squad today.  We needed 40 and exactly 40 turned up to the meeting so we didn't have to audition.  I've got my uniform and everything now!  It's great.

Nick is being a bit disgusting lately.  He keeps telling everyone I tried to 'you-know-what' at camp.  David was away today.

I've just arrived home from the theatre.  Forty grade 12's went down by bus to Brisbane to watch 'Death of a Salesman'. for English.  It was a good play but it wasn't really well done and the theatre was old and not very nice.  But overall it was pretty good.  During the interval we went over to the canteen and saw Paul Bongiorno and Kay McGrath from Channel 0 news.  We stood right beside TV stars!!!  How exciting.  One of the characters in the play (he must have been about 25 in real life) looked in our direction.  He saw me and glanced back again and after that he kept looking at me a lot.  We were in the second row and the stage was very close to the audience so he could see me well.  Every time he got the chance (when his role allowed him to face the audience) he looked at me!  He wasn't cute but it made me feel a bit better.  On the way home Gareth Weir & Matt Lefevre we're in front where we could see them and they are so cute!  But I got really upset on the bus because I realized that cute guys never talk to me and it would be impossible for me to talk to them.  I can talk easily to guys who aren't especially good looking, like Paul O'Leary, Bevan Bates, Mathew Winten & Nick Saxby.  But they often approach me and I can approach them too.  But a really cute guy would never ever come and talk to me. I don't think I'm ugly.  I'm certainly not beautiful but maybe slightly attractive.  Maybe all I want is a popular guy (who is always cute anyway), someone whom everyone likes and all the girls love.  But that's even ridiculous to think about!!  Geoff Mulroney is the only one who I can talk to although when I talk to him, everything I say is an effort to impress him.  And usually when I do that instead of being myself people don't like me as much.  But I always feel I have to impress a gorgeous guy.

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  1. Ah, teenage insecurities. Wouldn't you love to have those sorts of problems now? They seem so easy in comparison to adult problems!