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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30th March 1985 (Saturday)

Kelly wasn't at work this morning.  I'm not pleased!  She drinks a little too much.  Julie worked with me.  David Jackson took Julie's place on the fruit machine.  It's a very boring job, I used to work down there.  It's close to the deli so when David wasn't busy he came up to talk to me.  It's a little surprising because we've never spoken before.  I could be imagining it, but I get the impression he likes me.  He kept staring at me from the fruit machine and he did talk to me a lot.  He's a year younger but he's very cute.

My 'favourite' cousin Elizabeth picked me up from work!  The local elections were held today and Uncle Colin (Elizabeth's father, already the councillor) was standing again.  The voting was held at the school (700m away) and Mum, Dad and Liz were handing out how-to-vote cards.  Liz got very bored so she came to pick me up.  She's OK when I'm talking with her.  I mean, we get along alright when we're together but I'm pretty sure she'd say things about me behind my back, just as I do to her.

I tried to do my Ancient History assignment today but I can't.  I really want to drop A.H. but the guidance officer won't let me.

I got a very dull letter from Paul Street again today.

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