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Friday, March 26, 2010

21st March 1985 (Thursday)

Today was nothing special.  We tried to get David and Nick into the musical but they said they might audition tomorrow.  Geoff & Marcus & Aaron and a few of their friends auditioned today.

Tonight was really the best.  I went to watch the Bodallin Hair Fashion Awards.  Joanne was a model and Kelly asked me to go so Mum & I went.  It was licensed and Kelly and the friends we sat with all drink.  I had a few sips of their wine and my first taste of rum & Coke.  It's OK I guess.  Mum was sitting with us so I couldn't really have whole drinks.  The awards were given to all the wrong people.  Shiralee (where I go & want to work) should have got best salon.  Kelly's sister's husband's family owns half of Shiralee and Kelly is really good friends with their daughter, Sharon Harmer.  Mum talked to Kelly's mum a few days ago and said about me wanting to work there.  It probably won't help but I hope it does.  I've wanted to be a hairdresser since I was grade 5.  I tried to get in at the end of grade 10 but there were no vacancies.

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