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Monday, March 15, 2010

6th March 1985 (Wednesday)

Today Karina and I invented a person (for Roselise)!  His name is Joey Parker.  I met him at the dance on Saturday.  Eric brought him down from his boarding school.  He's 17, nearly 18.  She fell for it hook, line and sinker.

We were going to see Mrs Brand about the cheer squad this morning but the principal kept back all the grade 12's.  And by the time he'd finished, she'd gone.  We were told to see her during lunch but we couldn't because of sport.  So we'll see her tomorrow.

I won my tennis match today.  We played cut-throat (Roselise, Karina & I) and I won.  The scores were Rose - 1, Kari - 4 , me - 6.

Today was I totally shamed out!  Karina and I were writing notes.  We were sitting with Bevan because he was helping us with our Maths (he's unusually smart) and Geoff Mulroney walked in.  I wrote "I love Geoff Mulroney's face and body."  Geoff came over to Bevan and he saw us pass the note so he tried to get it.  It was ripped and all he got was "Mulroney's".  Anyway he went and I wrote it again because Karina only got the ripped piece.  BUT Geoff came back (The Return of Geoff Mulroney) and saw it again, this time he got the whole note.  I was so embarrassed!  But he really is cute.

I didn't see David today.  He went to Bowenglen to play inter-school sport.  I don't know what sport he plays.  I'm glad I like him because it takes my mind off Eric.  I don't want him to know I like him because I'm quite sure it would ruin our friendship. 

It's Melissa's last day before she is a teenager.


  1. I love it! I wonder if kids still pass notes in class now that everything's electronic, or do they just SMS each other?

  2. Good point,I hadn't thought of that!
    We spent most of the lesson writing notes to each other. lol :)