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Thursday, March 4, 2010

4th March 1985 (Monday)

I taught piano this afternoon.  John is coming along really well.  He understands anyway.  The other family still haven't contacted us.  I'll have to get Mum to ring and if they're not coming again I'll see if I can get some more students.

Nick is really disgusting.  He and Brad's cousin (Lee-ette Street), slept together.  I was really shocked.  I didn't think Nick was like that.  But I guess he must be.  All he thinks 'enjoying yourself' means is going out and drinking.  Just like Joanne.  She hasn't got to that stage yet but she's looking forward to it!  She makes me sick with all her stupid ideas.  She copies Donna and in my opinion they both need to grow up a bit.  I obviously won't be letting Joanne read this anymore.  I've been waiting to write this for ages.  She's a Catholic like me but she may as well not be.  She thinks there's  nothing wrong with living together before you're married, and also this drinking bit.

Roselise is the biggest dag in the world.  She tells me all about her 'love story' with Paul.  "I need him, I want him, but I'm not sure I still love him" and "I don't know if it's the experiences I had with him or if I really love him", and "I was giving Yoko a big lecture on love."  Oh God, if that's not enough to make anyone sick I don't know what is.  All this rubbish coming from a seventeen year old girl who acts thirteen.  WHAT A DAG!!

We were talking to David Charles in Maths (he was sitting with us).  He really is very nice!!  He's extremely funny. My man definitely must have a good sense of humour.  Like David or Eric.  I wish David and Shane would like me just to spite Roselise.  Because she thinks she can get any guy she wants.  I really do like David though.  But I won't say anything because I know for sure he still likes Janine.  They used to be a couple.

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  1. "She's a Catholic like me but she may as well not be." - Oh Tara, we should have met as perfect teenagers, we would have been such good friends!