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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

19th April 1985 (Friday)

Things are not going well with Nick.  But as I said, I don't really care.  We got our reports today.  Mine was very average.

Deb practice was the highlight of my day.  I was hoping that because I'm Aunty Kaye's niece it would give me a bit more attention.  but it didn't really.  I went with Aunty Kaye & Lenore because Mum & Dad are very special tongiht and have gone to the state reception for the Duke & Duchess of Kent!!  Anyway, back to the practice.  The first thing taht hppened was a draw for the order of presentation of the debs.  I was sor of hoping I was first (more attention) and I WAS!!  I nearly died!  But I'm kind of glad in a way.  The preactice was really fun.  I was hoping it would be.  But then it had to be with Aunty Kaye & Lenore.  I adore them both.  We (Aunty Kaye & I) went back to Lenore's place and had a cup of tea.  Theyr'e erealy great.  They make me feel like an adult.

Disappointment for the night: Wayne Long (school captain, really cute, Trish's partner) came to practice but after practice was over found out the ball was in the holidays and he's going on a school trip then.  Aunty Kaye was shattered because he was coming along very well and she really liked him.

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