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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

23rd April 1985 (Tuesday)

Today was very uninteresting.  Mum saw the Guidance Officer today.  And I got out of one lesson of Accounting to go down.  I still don't know it I can drop Ancient History or not.  He has to talk to my teacher to see if I'm likely to fail or pass.  I hope I'll probably fail because then I can drop it.  I really hate Ancient History so much.  It's all above my level of comprehension.

I had musical practice today.  My part is not as easy as I thought.  It's pretty difficult being a cool, sophisticated, criminal.

We had our first communications committee meeting with the teacher today.   He suggested putting out a real newspaper.  Not like the previous ones which were just photocopied foolscap sheets about grade 12s mainly.  This year we're going to set it out like a real newspaper and have articles about all grades so it involves everyone.  We're even getting the the local newspaper to print it.

Other than this, nothing happened today.

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