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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

22nd April 1985 (Monday)

Life's a drag!  Nothing's going well at the moment.  I find when no body pays any attention to me I try to attract it to myself.  I get into crazy moods and laugh a lot and do crazy & stupid things.  I appear to be happy but it's only a front.  I feel dumb because I act stupid.  I know how I act is wrong and so does everyone else.  I'm not saying I act silly like the tough, rough girls and I don't attract the attention of everyone around me.  Only maybe my friends.  But I feel so bad because I know I'm deceiving myself.  I act happy when I know damn well I'm miserable.  It's guys who get me down.  Nick, David, Bevan and Mathew and all those guys used to talk to us a lot, but now we may as well be 'incredible, invisible women'.

We were supposed to have musical practice today but Mr Woodworth was away.

Mum went to see our Guidance Officer today to see about me dropping Ancient History.  But he wasn't there so she'll have to see him tomorrow.

I got to school very early today.  Mum went to Brisbane & dropped me off on the way.  I wanted to go to the library to work on my term paper.  I went to the library but I didn't work on my term paper.

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