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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

15th April 1985 (Monday)

I was in such a hurry this morning.  I got Dad to wake me up before he went to the dairy so I could finish my Accounting assignment but I went back to sleep and didn't wake again until 7:15.  I didn't quite get it finished but I finished it at school.  Only to find out our teacher gave us until Wednesday.  But at least I've finished.  I didn't even have breakfast this morning, and had to starve until morning tea.  I only had a muesli bar and Nick ate half of it anyway.  Once school starts after holidays, it doesn't even feel like I've had a break.  But it was fairly good to get back to school.  Karina and I are getting along just great.  I can't say the same about Joanne, though.  I realized that I can either like Joanne OR Karina.  I can't handle the two of them at the same time.  It's strange, I know.  But they're both so different.  They're completely opposite.  My whole way of thinking has to change between Joanne and Karina and I just can't live like that.  I feel like a split personality.  It has to be one way or the other.  That means Joanne or Karina.  And Karina's ideas and values are more like mine than Joanne's.  Maybe Joanne will change one day.  Who knows? But right now she's not going to influence me. Which is really what she was doing when Karina & I weren't talking.  Kari and I had a talk about it today and she's not sore at me or anything.  It's really great.

I feel very guilty at the moment.  We got our Maths tests back and I (amazingly) passed!  But not by as much as I did.  What I mean is my teacher added it wrong, and I gained 2 1/2 marks extra.  I got 23/40 instead 20 1/2 / 40.  Karina wasn't very pleased with me.  She got 20 but scabbed another 1/2 mark.  So we really were equal but mine said a higher mark.  She wanted me to tell him but I do bad enough so any extra's I can get I'd rather keep them.

David's really snobbing us.  He never said a thing to us all day.  Nick is great though he came and said hello.  He's always, well, 'all over me' sort of.  But I know he doesn't like me because he's always suggesting guys to me.  Like anyone who walks by he says ,'There goes one for you, Tara."  I can't work him out.

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