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Thursday, April 8, 2010

8th April (Monday)

Didn't do much today.  I woke up really late (9.00) which I hate doing.  I had a very strange dream this morning, just before I woke up.  We were on a grade 12 camp but it was here which wasn't here (if you get what I mean).  We were locked up in a room, it was like a jail cell but a bit more comfortable.  Every time a boy and girl were caught doing anything they were locked up.   I was caught wih Nick.  Our room had almost every girl in the camp in it.  But the strange thing was that when parents came to pick us up we didn't want to leave.  We really enjoyed it in there.  Karina and Roselise were there.  And most of the girls in our grade.  Weird!!

I did a Home Ec. title page, for the last unit!  I'll do this unit's tomorrow.  I did my piano practice (slightly).  I made a doll's dress.  I was in a sewing mood.  I watched a bit of TV (not much).  I played computer games.  I jumped on the trampoline.  I didn't play tennis.  And that's about all for today.

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